Bakuman Series Index

Hi there, this is the index for all chapters of Bakuman that I’ve read & reacted to. To read a post, click on the Chapter Number highlighted in blue.

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Bakuman Vol. 1: Dreams and Reality

Bakuman Volume 1

Chapter 1: Dream and Reality
Chapter 2: Dumb and Smart
Chapter 3: Pen and Storyboard
Chapter 4: Parent and Child
Chapter 5: Time and Key
Chapter 6: Top and Bottom
Chapter 7: Bashful and Smile

Bakuman Vol. 2: Chocolate and Akamaru

Bakuman Volume 2

Chapter 8: Carrot and Stick
Chapter 9: A Condition and Going to Tokyo
Chapter 10: Fear and Hope
Chapter 11: Regret and Satisfaction
Chapter 12: 10 and 2
Chapter 13: Chocolate and Akamaru
Chapter 14: Feast and Graduation
Chapter 15: Send and Reply
Chapter 16: Early Results and The Final Report

Bakuman Vol. 3: Debut and Impatience

Bakuman Volume 3

Chapter 17: Battle and Copy
Chapter 18: Rival and Friend
Chapter 19: Debut and Impatience
Chapter 20: Future and Stairway
Chapter 21: Wall and Kiss
Chapter 22: In the Way and Youth
Chapter 23: Conceit and Kindness
Chapter 24: Notes and Character
Chapter 25: Jealousy and Love

Bakuman Volume 4: Phone Call and the Night Before

Chapter 26: Two and One
Chapter 27: Schemer and Deceit
Chapter 28: Cooperation and Condition
Chapter 29: Literature and Music
Chapter 30: Coalition and Disagreement
Chapter 31: Tuesday and Friday
Chapter 32: Phone Call and the Night Before
Chapter 33: Yay and Nay
Chapter 34: Pursuer and Pursued

Bakuman Volume 5: Yearbook and Photobook

Chapter 35: Happiness and Sadness
Chapter 36: Silence and Party
Chapter 37: Executive Director and Songbird
Chapter 38: Window and Snow
Chapter 39: Yearbook and Photobook
Chapter 40: Beach and Ups and Downs
Chapter 41: Pandering and Patience
Chapter 42: Humor and Dialogue
Chapter 43: Jokes and News

Bakuman Volume 6: Recklessness and Guts

Chapter 44: Repayment and Inversion
Chapter 45: Illness and Motivation
Chapter 46: Loving Gaze and Cooperation
Chapter 47: Discrepancy and Reason
Chapter 48: Life and Death and Stationery
Chapter 49: Recall and Call
Chapter 50: Recklessness and Guts
Chapter 51: Restart and Low Rank
Chapter 52: Suggestions and Rush

Bakuman Volume 7: Gag and Serious

Chapter 53: 18 and 40
Chapter 54: Gag and Serious
Chapter 55: 3 Illustrations and 3 Stories
Chapter 56: Adult and Child
Chapter 57: Assignment and Standoff
Chapter 58: Single and Double Digits
Chapter 59: Experience and Data
Chapter 60: Men and Women
Chapter 61: Alliance and Classmate

Bakuman Volume 8: Panty Shot and Savior

Chapter 62: Novel and Letter
Chapter 63: Trust and Distrust
Chapter 64: Just So and Secret
Chapter 65: Stubborn and Honest
Chapter 66: Monkey and Marriage
Chapter 67: Panty Shot and Savior
Chapter 68: Toilet and Bath
Chapter 69: Relationship and Home
Chapter 70: Third Try and Second Series

Bakuman Volume 9: Talent and Pride

Chapter 71: Talent and Pride
Chapter 72: Complaint and Declaration
Chapter 73: Fate and Star
Chapter 74: Classmate and Rivalry
Chapter 75: New House and New Series
Chapter 76: Catchphrase and Message
Chapter 77: Love and Denial
Chapter 78: To Quit and Not To Quit
Chapter 79: Selfishness and Advice

Volume 10: Visualization and Imagination

Chapter 80: Appearance and Hello
Chapter 81: Thrill and Come On
Chapter 82: Hint and Best
Chapter 83: Spies and Next Time
Chapter 84: Dress and Surprise
Chapter 85: Crime and Hurdle
Chapter 86: Win and Lose
Chapter 87: Cake and Rival
Chapter 88: Visualization and Imagination

Volume 11: Title and Character Design

Chapter 89: Title and Character Design
Chapter 90: Art and Merchandise
Chapter 91: Vote and Chart
Chapter 92: Stubbornness and Decision
Chapter 93: Middle and Ultimate
Chapter 94: Tea and Tone
Chapter 95: Every Night and Collaboration
Chapter 96: 4th Place Votes and Series
Chapter 97: Ending and Code

Volume 12: Artist and Manga

Chapter 98: Handshake and Revision
Chapter 99: Bitter Tears and Happy Tears
Chapter 100: Leeway and Trap
Chapter 101: Complaints and Aiming Up
Chapter 102: Artist and Manga Artist
Chapter 103: Waste and Challenge
Chapter 104: Step Up and Watch
Chapter 105: Defective and Outline
Chapter 106: Competition and Festival