Eric Explains Everything: Introductions

Hi, my name is Eric, and I’m one didactic motherfucker: I like everything; I’m also somewhat vain; I also need a reason to use my website. So welcome to my series: Eric Explains Everything.

What is this series about?

Everything, whatever that actually means. Write now I’m on a huge writing kick; so, for the time being, I’ll be talking about writing – character, structural ideas, narrative, experimentation…everything. I also like puns, so you’ll have to live with that, unfortunately.

I’m also self-referential, I sincerely hope you don’t mind that, either. But I’m getting ahead of myself. A little about me.

Who is Eric?


Eric is me. Ok, so that one is obvious. A little less obviously, I’m this guy, and I love everything. I love technical manuals on programming languages; I love quantum mechanics and string theory; I love music (see: to get in on some awesome music action); I love poetry; I love art; I love love; but I also really love clarifying these things for other people. I love explaining shit. And it ties back to my love of Didactics. I always get more interested in the world, the more I understand it. So think of this as my giving back…or something.

I also really love the semi-colon; that shit is the truth. You’re going to have to be OK with that too.

I love things, and I help people. And since the ego attached to this body determined it existed, in the Descartean way of things, I love doing things. Doing things is awesome you guys, seriously. And all it takes to do something, is to fucking do it.

I also realized that I see the world specifically. Despite what this generally vague introduction has shown, I actually tend to have fun looking at things from oblique angles. Or, in other words, looking at things the wrong way, to see the truth.

So, for example, I’m going to break an illusion by David Blaine. I was watching this hilarious special from the early 2000’s about David Blaine (down below); and he does this trick called “The Three Card Monte”, except with two cards. Prior to watching him perform the trick, I had never seen it done.

David Blaine’s Trick

Watching the above, I picked up quickly how the trick was done, which is simple: while he explained the nature of the trick, he explained things to such a degree that he confused the participant. In the process of confusing the participant with unclear instructions, he then switched the cards, pretending to clarify. Really simple trick, actually. I’m going to do the opposite of that.

So this series will be about that kinda shit. The stuff you don’t necessarily catch on first glance; and the point is to make things more interesting, or to provide an alternative perspective. Sometimes, an alternative perspective can really make you re-assess your own perspectives; and, I dunno make the world a better place, or some shit.

Without further ado, let me explain some shit; hopefully you can dig it.

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