Amber Fly Slowdives to Great Effect on their New Single: Eyes Shift in Travel

Band: Amber Fly
Genre: Pop-punk
Kai Freylue – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Andrew Howard – Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ben Schuster – Drums, Percussion

“I know you wont but believe me this time”

Stylistic changes are a mark of growth. With “Eyes Shift in Travel” Lowell Based Punk Group move from the trappings of their preferred genre in favor of sonic invention that shows a band aware of the need to evolve.

While keeping the rock-solid production of their Debut EP Knit Fabrics, “Eyes Shift in Travel” represents a significant sonic departure. Gone are the staid and true sonic grace notes of Weezer, Nirvana, Sum 41 et al from the early aughts. Gone, the neon-bright lead lines, chugging distortion, and straight-arrow rhythms and riffage. Instead, the group dives into headier aural waters. Ghostly shimmering guitar lines weave an arpeggiated tapestry of brightness that is absolutely gorgeous. Lead vocalist Kai Freylue sings as much for texture as for power. The singing creates a textural resonance and deepness. The low end – held tight by Andrew Howard on Bass and Ben Schuster on drums – while somewhat muddy, complements the atmosphere of being thrown into warm LCL amidst swirling dynamics and sonic zigzags.

The vibe is a classic molasses of Shoegaze groups like Slowdive and Galaxie 500. The lyrics – just as atmospheric as everything else – paint a picture of confusion and faithlessness. They speak of a relationship where the subject is unheard and adrift. “Listen to the sound of nothing at all, not even silence” sing Freylue urgently. A deep abnegation and sorrow that contrasts with the bright guitars but feels at home in the sultry textures.

The video itself only adds to the melange. Featuring clever Shadow Puppetry, Psychedelic visuals and a disorienting ever-shifting perspective the song feels at home. Maria Kaestner makes a compelling lead as she drifts in the vagaries of a dream trying desperately to communicate, but feeling like a shadow on the wall, screaming to be heard.

This is the first single in a series to be released over the next few weeks. Definitely check out what these guys are cooking up. The atmosphere is perfect to drift along nostalgically for times that never were.

Check out the Bands EP on Bandcamp and Listen Below

Courtesy of Amber Fly

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